Making 2012 the Best Year Ever!


Time of Renewal

It’s January, another New Year and a time of renewal. This time is always filled with excitement, promise, and new choices, as we reset our life and our patterns; in other words it is “clean slate” time. For some, the previous year was a good year, for some it was a challenging year, and for some it was like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. But now that the year is new, fresh and fully ahead of us we can make new choices to guide our lives in a different direction.

Our Resolutions

What are the areas we most like to change? It seems our New Years Resolutions often have to do with our bodies: weight and fitness; our spaces: to be more organized and/or less cluttered; our work or jobs: to make changes to move forward or make more money; and, of course, we make resolutions about our intimate relationships: improving the existing ones or manifesting the partner of our dreams!

Akashic Record Readings

How can we support ourselves to really make our desired changes and achieve those long sought after, and often, elusive goals? The Akashic Records, the record of your soul’s experiences from the moment it separated from Source, give us insight into who we are now based on those past experiences. When you go into your Akashic Records you can find a new understanding about the patterns you have had in your life, where they come from, and, through that understanding, you can shift and heal those patterns and make new choices. Beginning the New Year with an Akashic Record reading is a great way to jump-start your year to be the best year ever!

Here’s How you Do it!

At Akasha Healing Studio we offer Akashic Record readings in person, over the phone, or on Skype. So it does not matter where you are in the world, you can still receive a reading that can support you in manifesting your dreams. The readings are 45 minutes long and are recorded so that you can listen to the information more than once to really absorb it.

To find out more about Akashic Record Readings or to schedule a session contact us with an e-mail or phone us at 1.760.803.4297

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