Take the Oxygen Mask for Yourself First

What I have been learning recently is the value of taking care of myself before I take care of others or before I attend to the duties and responsibilities of my life on a daily basis.

Life’s Recent Challenges

I won’t kid you to think my life has felt easy, smooth, or free from inner and outer turmoil in the recent past. Life has been very challenging on just about every level, enough so that I cannot ignore it or distract myself in another part of my life to “make it go away”. When every level and every area of your life is experiencing a great deal of shifting and changing in ways that do not feel that pleasant, what do you do?

We Can’t Blame Others?!?

Well, for most of us we begin to look at our outer circumstances and begin to point our fingers at “that person” or “that organization” or “that circumstance” hoping that the discomfort in our lives has nothing to do with us and is just a result of “something else”; “something else” that, of course, we are not responsible for… we are just a victim of! Ha! As Dr. Hew Len says, the common denominator in all of our life’s experiences is US! WE are always there so WE are always the ones that are the causative factor in all of our life’s experiences! That is a tough pill to swallow because it means that we have to take 100% responsibility for ALL of the experiences in our life, not just the good ones! Darn!

Knowing this gets our ego very riled up because our ego is the master of deflection and blame. It never wants us to take full responsibility for the YUCK in our life, but is very happy to take FULL credit for even the slightest POSITIVE in our life! Funny how it works like that.

It’s All About Me?

So, in knowing that all events, occurrences, situations, experiences, and relationships in my life are “all about me”, in that I am fully responsible for ALL of them no matter whether I feel that they are “good” or “bad”, then the next step becomes SO, WHAT?


So, what do I do about it if I cannot blame someone else? So, what do I do about it if I cannot point my finger at a given circumstance in my life? So, what do I do about it if I cannot wallow in my self-pity at how I am such a victim of circumstance?

Marbles All Over the Floor!

I saw so many things in my life changing, crumbling, and moving that I felt like I was constantly living in a room that was filled with marbles all over the floors! It is hard to keep your balance, every moment requires intense concentration, and you KNOW that you cannot maintain it and you will eventually slip and fall.

Working Hard is the Answer….or is it?

Of course, I tried to muscle my way through each and every one of these events and experiences using the “work hard to get ahead” way of thinking. When each and every day was one of “working” for 12 or more hours and I was certainly not seeing myself get ahead or find more solid footing I began to look around for other solutions to bring me to a new place and experience of ease in my life.

What Helps

Exercise helps because I am out riding my bike; riding in nature which is so beautiful. My body is happy for the exercise and my soul in nourished by being outside in nature.

Meditation helps because it allows me to begin my day from a more centered space, connected with the feelings of my heart, feeling the expansiveness as well as my connectedness with all that is around me.

The Biggest Help is….

But what has really made the biggest difference for me is going into my own Akashic Records. Every day that I go into my own records to ask questions and receive the guidance from my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones from the place of my Soul allows the day to flow more smoothly. Every day that I go into my own records and just sit there to feel and experience the space of unconditional love and non-judgment that is the core essence in the Akashic Records is a day that is more peaceful and I maintain a level of balance that is more tangible.

Taking Care of Myself First

We hear people talk and teach us about taking care of ourselves before taking care of others or before taking care of the business of the day and it sounds like a great idea, yet we often find reasons why we just don’t have the time to set aside for ourselves. What I have found, and have begun to truly live, is the reality of taking care of myself first. If I begin my day by opening my Akashic Records no matter what I do in my records, the day goes more smoothly, I am more focused, more productive, in a more peaceful balanced place, and experience more joy in my day.

The Experience of Real Joy

It is feeling joy in fleeting moments these days that has been the most real to me. I often felt it was a bit of a cliché for people to say that they were experiencing
“Joy” because I would think “who does that in their everyday life? That is not real, they just want to feel it so they are faking it”. I felt that, of course, because I did not experience it in any way shape or form OR it was a side effect of an external experience which made it very fleeting and conditional. It was dependent upon others or outer circumstances being lined up in a particular way which took it out of my realm of consistent experience. Now I find that I feel joy bubbling up for no particular reason….”just because”. It is a fun new experience especially when I see it in relation to how I have lived so much of my life.

Greater Ease, Greater Clarity and More

For the first time in this life I am living from a place of greater ease, more clarity and a great sense of “all is right in the world” no matter how the circumstances show up in any given moment. Does this mean that every moment of every day is blissful? Does it mean that I never get ruffled or upset? Does it mean that I never point my finger away from me to blame someone else or some other circumstance? No, no and no!

Living a Happier Life

But, what it DOES mean to me is that I am seeing an experience that is real and repeatable and sustainable to assist me in living my life from a happier more balanced place that is not dependent up on outer circumstances.

That is peace, that is joy, that is the beginning of a sense of self-mastery which allows me to be more creative, more loving, and more connected with LIFE: with every person, every circumstance, every event. That ease is what allows the Joy, which is our inner nature, our inherent nature, to effortlessly bubble up from the recesses of each and every one of our cells and spill out.

We are on this Journey Together

I now understand why they tell us to take the oxygen mask for ourselves before giving it to others. I now have a way in which I can help myself first and in helping myself first I can give more of myself, assist more souls on this journey of life we are all on together, and expand to a greater place in my Soul’s Life as the Light worker that I am here to be.

If I can assist you on your path with an Akashic Record Reading or a healing session, please contact me.