Testimonial: 111™ Activation and Universal Sphere™ – Balanced power, love and understanding.

Testimonial from CM’s client:
I swapped a session with a friend in Germany. She did a RH session with me, I did the Universal Sphere™ and 111™ Activation with her.
She’s very tuned into the world of energy, and here’s her description of what she found in my energy field:
“it was sooo special, I can’t even really describe…what I saw was something that was circulating and of so unusual pattern and color that I’ve got the impression it must be coming from another dimension or something…I could feel a huge but also very balanced power”.
So there we have a beautiful, non-biased description of the outcome of the 111 Activation.

Her experience after the Universal Sphere was: “I feel full of love and understanding…people who I was in quarrel with, I am not angry anymore and am feeling the need to make everything good again. So I called a few people yesterday I haven’t talk for a long time”

Isn’t this work special?

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