Should I Stay? or Should I Go?

Aside from being lyrics to the 80’s hit song, these are NOT the best kinds of questions to ask in your Akashic Record Reading!

Why? Because you are asking a Yes or No question! Imagine you are seeking direction for a very important aspect of your life and you bring it to your Akashic Record Reading. You’ve been thoughtful and truly would like guidance about the best course of action at this point in your life. You ask your question that is vitally important to you as a yes or no question because you want a simple, direct answer.  You anxiously await the information from your Akashic Records and you hear…..(drumroll, please) “Yes” (period) or your hear “No” (period)

Yes  No…. And Then What?

Ugh, then what do you do? You asked your important question and you got your answer, but is the simple answer of “yes” or “no” an answer that satisfies? Are you happy, feeling complete, and clear on what to do? Hmmmmm, most likely not.
Let’s look at this at a bit deeper level.

The Gift of Free Will

We have been blessed with the beautiful gift of Free Will. What this means is that there is never just a “yes” or “no” answer to any of the questions in our lives; there is never just one path that should be taken which is what would be implied with a yes or no question. In any given moment, we always have a Field of Infinite Possibilities in front of us whether we are aware of them or not!

So, What are the Best Kinds of Questions?

The best questions for your Akashic Record reading are the ones that begin with How, Why or What? For example, why do I always undermine my relationships as soon as they start to get serious? Or, what can I understand about the influences to my flow of abundance in this lifetime? Or, how can I manifest a greater level of contentment and joy in my life?
These questions have the potential to bring about the greatest flow of information from your Akashic Records.

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