Universal Sphere – Multiple session discount package

                                              Living a Heart Centered Life.

Take a moment to contemplate. How much time in a day am I in my heart? Better still make a commitment each hour to feel how much of that hour you were living from your heart.
In a given day, what do you realistically feel this number is? 10 minutes, 2 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours. This will vary considerably for each of us are different, but in truth it is likely to be less than you estimate.

Why live in the heart?

The Heart is the key to everything. Within your heart is where creation takes place. There is a vibration within the heart that is the Om to the universe. It is the heart that contains the original instructions for life, and when the heart is again in control of a person’s life, life responds with joy and power.

How do I get there more easily?

By receiving a Universal Sphere™. This is a multidimensional hands off energetic experience that can be done in 30 minutes in person or at any distance. The Universal Sphere takes almost everyone to this beautiful place of deep peace and connectedness.

How does the Universal Sphere™ help me?

It provides a level of connection to the universal perfection and allow individuals to resonate at that level. The harmonics of the vibration upon which the Universal Sphere is created is in fact, the energetics of the ideal vibration of the heart. The vibration of the heart at it’s optimal level. It has an impact on the human form on every single level at which you exist, and it allows a shift in the balance of power so to speak between the head and the heart. Assisting you to lead or experience or tap into a more heart centered life.

Multiple Universal Spheres

There is no limit as to how many Universal Sphere’s a person can receive, for here are benefits every time it is received. You can buy a bundle of 3 Universal Spheres for $150, and treat yourself or a loved one to receiving a Universal Sphere™ once a week for that “Pamper moment”. If you have any questions or would like to book a single or a discounted package of 3 universal spheres, contact Paul Marwood on +1 (760) 803 2338 or Paul@AkashaHealingStudio.com
When you are living in your heart, you cant put a price on that love and joy this gives you.

Love and Blessings

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