Sacred Crystal Bowl Toning with the Angels

Take a break from the stresses and concerns of your life with the synergy of the sacred sounds of the crystal bowls, chanting, and the Angelic Realm.
As you listen and chant the sounds and vibrations emanating from the crystal bowls allow you to re-tune your body to the frequencies of your heart and 3rd eye and tune in to the Angelic Realm.

We have been guided to create a CD specifically designed to allow a greater heart level connection through your interaction with the Angelic Realm. You are encouraged to connect in with the assistance and guidance from the Angelic Realm that is always available to you at any moment… all you need to do is to ask!

This CD also contains a guided meditation from Archangel Chamuel, channeled through Holly Hawkins.

It is recommended to listen to the toning track three times in a row, if time allows. Chanting along with the CD magnifies and deepens the experience for everyone. The positive effects of working with this attunement seem to increase over time, with repeated and continual use.

This is a great gift idea for yourself or for those on your holiday shopping list!

Listen to a sample of the 444 Crystal Bowl Toning. Please click here to listen.

Would you like to have your own copy of the 444 Crystal Bowl Toning along with the channeled meditation from Chamuel? It is available as a CD or an mp3 download. To purchase the CD, click here. To purchase the mp3 version, click here.

We would love to hear your experiences as you work with these beautiful vibrations and sounds! You can post your comments below or send us an email:


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