Channeled Message – Ascension Countdown — Day 12

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The nineteenth of 30 channeled messages leading up to 21st of December 2012 that we were asked to post daily by the High Council of Orion.
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                  THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION
                          COUNTDOWN DAY 12

                                       December 9th 2012.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
American Sign Language Translation by Terrylene Sacchetti
(See below transcript)


“Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.

Today our message is one that is a little more practical, definitely grounded in your physical reality! What we would like to talk to you today is about your environment. We are not speaking about global environmental concerns. What we’re speaking about is your environment where you choose to work and live and play. For while there are many issues and concerns about what’s going on on beloved Gaia; the positive and the negative things that have (been) done to the beautiful being of light who had sustained and supported you, and will continue to do so.

What we’d like to focus on today is honoring your personal environment. It is from that place of each individual honoring and caring for their personal environment that allows the ripple out effect to shift and change the environmental consciousness within the planet and on the planet. The respect for the environment starts with the individual’s respect for their own personal environment. We hear your minds thinking already about all the environments you have no control over such as your work environment, unless of course you work for and buying yourselves!

Our focus for the moment will be on the environments that you do have control over such as where you live. We’ve spoken before about sacred space and finding some sacred space for you to be able to have that “time out” from the world to connect with your heart, connect with your Soul and allow yourself to be informed by your capital S, Self. This is an extension of that.

But we’ll be speaking even a little more practically than that. How is the emotional energy in your environment? Do you have stress when you’re at home? Are relationships uncomfortable? Do you feel brokenhearted and lonely, tapping into your sadness, when you’re at home?

We’re going to share some very practical tips here about creating a space within your home that extends beyond your sacred space within your home. So that you can create a consciousness of mental and emotional peace and see that there are small things that you can do to change the energetic within your space.

For energy, as you know, can be changed and transformed in a variety of ways. So if you have a space that you come home to, your personal environment, that feels uncomfortable to you, you don’t feel that you can relax and be yourself in that space of your home, or even your room in a home that you share with others, we ask you to take a look at it. Is it the physical environment? Do you need to move things around? Do you need to clear clutter? Do you need to organize? Do you even need to buy a new bedspread? We’re not making light of that. Perhaps there are things that you can do to easily shift energy in your home: opening the windows to allow light and air in, putting beautiful artwork on the wall that uplifts you regardless of what others think and feel.

Perhaps it’s adding plants. For every one knows the value of plants and the positive aspect of the negative ions that come off of the plants that help transform the environment. They are in service to you and your highest level of well-being when they are in your home and sharing your space. You honor them as beings doing just that.

Are you more enlivened and up-lifted by scents? If so, bring in natural scents that bring you to the mood of the Heart: of joyfulness, aliveness. Use essential oils. The natural ones are better. For all those smells of nature were intended to work with us and allow us to have the best environment possible.

Do you love the sound of running water? Would adding a little fountain or water feature in your home allow you to feel that you can connect with nature and benefit again from the beautiful negative ions flowing off of that to enliven and add that positive energy to your space and your personal environment? Does burning incense or sage or any other sacred plant material uplift and enliven you?

What about the beauty within the crystals? The crystals that have been formed over millennia within the earth, with their outstanding colors, the exquisite way they refract light, and not only that, the energy that they bring to the environment to shift the energies. If you’re not sure where to start with that we sit suggest selenite. We suggest Himalayan rock crystals. For they are beautiful to look at and the energies they emanate will transform your space as you look at them and as you feel the shift in the energies around you. If you feel drawn to the crystal realm, research crystals and find the ones that speak to your heart. We encourage you to find the ones that speak to your heart and not your mind and your logic. What feels right? What looks right? If you have a crystal by your bed, at your desk, next to the phone, in the kitchen when you look at it does it raise your spirits because you love the beauty in it, because you know the energy it’s emitting?

There are so many things you can do to enliven your space using the gifts of nature around you. They’re gifts of nature as she desires to work with us in harmony. As we tune in to our physical environment we again are enlivening our connection to our Source. As we do so we enliven the moments in our life.

We spoke mostly about your personal space in your home, yet if you have an office at work, if you have even just a desk that you do your work at, adding a plant or a crystal or perhaps even a little candle that doesn’t burn, but has natural aromatherapy in it that you can smell the scent of whether it’s burning or not. All of that and shift and change your personal environment. They’re visual reminders of your connection to nature, your connection to yourself, and your desire to live in a more connected to Heart and Soul space. Be creative in creating your environment that enlivens you.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
The High Council of Orion has taught us the 111™ Activation to help you with connecting more deeply with your heart and Soul, assisting you to move forward in your journey at this time. More information about this is here.
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ASL Translation by Terrylene Sacchetti.

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