Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 8th Jan 2013

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                     January 8th 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                            CHANGE IS A CHOICE

“Greetings Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.

So here you are at the beginning of the new world, a much anticipated time for many of you. We know and feel and see that many of you are feeling a little baffled, dismayed and perhaps even a little distressed, for there was so much anticipation of things looking and feeling and behaving and responding completely differently from one day to the next. What we would like to share with you today is this idea that the change that has the greatest potential in this moment in time is a choice.

Said another way the potential for change is a choice. What do we have in the energies that are abounding on the planet right now, and what have changed in this time of the New World is that there has never been a better time, an easier time on your planet, to manifest the change than right now. Yet it does not come without your choice in the matter. For as we have said many times before the beautiful aspect about your planet, that is so powerful is free will. So the change that has the potential will still need to be manifest through your actions, based on the choices you’re making within your free-will zone.

Is a fairy godmother coming along and waving her magic wand and *poofing* all the good things into your life, and *poofing* the bad things out of your life? No. That won’t be happening. Although it’s a lovely idea that things can happen that way, but remember your Soul made a choice to incarnate on the physical planet at this time in a physical body within a planetary system that supports free-will of each individual Soul.

So, if you have found yourself looking around for change that you thought would be here, that would be instantly manifest, what we ask you to do is examine what is the change that you desire? And know that you are very supported, more supported than any other time in your potential, to make these changes. There’s less efforting against yourself, if you are in alignment with your Soul with regard to the changes that you choose to make.

  • Does it still require some of your human choice? Yes.
  • Does it require human action? Yes.
  • Does it require conscious decision-making on your part? Yes.
  • Does it mean that those “fully aligned free-will choices” will be more supported in their manifestation? Yes!

So, Dear Ones, change is a choice based on your Soul level, free-will alignment.
If you’re looking around for change, look within and decide the change that you wish to make and take the actions around it, knowing that the energies are buoying you up and supporting you and working with you in a way that they have not prior to this time on your planet.

The energies of change and transformation and ascension are flowing like rivers. So it’s easy to flow with them at this time. We invite you to make that free-will choice to jump into the flow, into the flow of the river that will support you on your journey, and allow it to be easier than it would if you had to take that journey on foot.

Change is a free-will choice, my dears. Go within and work with the abundance of the energies of manifestation and change and transformation that are available to you in the here and now.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
The High Council of Orion has taught us the 111™ Activation to help you with connecting more deeply with your heart and Soul, assisting you to move forward in your journey at this time. More information about this is here.

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood