Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 1st Feb 2013

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                     1st February 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                       FEELING A LITTLE SENSITIVE?

“Greetings, Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.

Again we are pleased to bring you yet another message from the place where we sit within the galaxy, with our bird’s eye view, if you will, of the goings-on on your planet.

As many of you know time is accelerating. The experience of time is accelerating. As you’ve heard, the energies that are on your planet are in great support of you right now, but many of you are feeling how quickly things are changing. This accelerated sense almost creates a space in which it feels like it’s difficult to catch up.

You might experience that in literally catching up with what you would normally do easily, in terms of the tasks of your day. It could be catching up to do the things beyond your daily tasks, so you can enrich your life with other pursuits that might include hobbies or activities, personal development, time to read, meditate.

Yet time seems compressed and expanded all at the same time. It seems to be moving out of its normal frame of experience that you have had up until this point in time. Because it’s a newer experience, yet very intangible, it is easy to look at the world the way you always have and expect it to be the same way and respond the same way, yet all of it doesn’t quite feel comfortable. I’m sure many of you can relate to this feeling!

With that, for many of you, comes a very tangible sense of sensitivity or instability. Because there is not much that might feel stable in your world at this time, or that changes in many ways are imminent even though you aren’t witnessing them, it can create a sensitivity and, in a sense, an over-reactivity to the world around you. Many of you might say your skin is quite “thin” these days, where something that might have rolled right off your back before, has become like a boulder on top of your shoulders.

The emotions might be a little more frayed or over-reactive. What we’d like you do in terms of bringing solution energy to this, is to first understand that it’s real. It’s not necessarily strictly a function of you being overly sensitive. In one sense yes you are, but in another sense it’s as if the changes are making your nerve endings a little bit more sensitive. That sensitivity can allow you to connect with more and feel more, as we’ve spoken about before. That sensitivity can allow you to start perceiving that unseen world around you. Yet learning to moderate it, so that you’re not overly sensitive to everything that’s happening in the world around you is the area of which we would like to offer support and guidance today.

As always some of our tips are quite basic, quite mundane, if you will. But the idea is to support the physical vehicle that your Soul has chosen to be in during this time of change, so that it supports your Soul’s growth in the optimal level. And so in order to do that, some of that support of the physical body may sound somewhat mundane.

The idea is to take good care of yourself. Taking good care of yourself so that the foods you eat, the liquids you drink, the sleep you get, and the environment you have around you is supportive of changes, and not accelerating the sensitivity. If you live in a high stress family or a high stress job, it’s time to evaluate the ways you can create a little buffer around yourself.

First and foremost when we talk about the nervous system, the best thing to nurture your nervous system is to make sure that you are getting enough rest. Rest includes the sleep you are getting at night, so that you’re not burning the candles at both ends. Rest also includes rest during the day so that you are not going “full throttle”, as you would say, from the moment you make up until the moment you fall into bed.

Are you allowing yourself those moments of down time, of time to breathe, walk outside, look at the sky, breathe the air, listen to the birds, and put your feet on mother Earth? Literally just saying “I’m taking five minutes for myself”. It does not take much time to give yourself that little bit of breathing room. As you do see and feel yourself creating that buffer, it’s like a little bit of a cushion, little bit at a nice loving buffer around you, by just slowing down for a moment. Drinking plenty of water, which nourishes and balances the nervous system. Cutting back on the drinks that you know “amp up” your nervous system, the ones that have chemicals, sugars and caffeine in them. For they assist you in keeping going but they keep your nerve endings, if you will, on high alert.

You can soothe and nourish and give your nerve endings, if you will, on your physical, emotional and mental level a break, by drinking the liquids that allow them to relax, and supporting your body by eating the proper foods at the right time that you know bring about optimal health. Allowing your body to move in what ever way enlivens your body: walking running swimming yoga, tennis, gardening, walking the dog, or riding the bike within your house, because it’s too snowy outside, whatever it is.

Allow your body to discharge some of that static electricity that’s built up from its reactivity to the world around it. Again it’s so unseen that it’s hard to imagine that it’s there. It’s easy to feel overly sensitive to it, but it is impacting you. Your body will eventually make the changes, but giving it the support in the meantime, so it is not over reacting, so it’s feeling loved and nurtured and not in a fight or flight mode.

For some of you it is as if your bodies and minds and emotions are battling with an unseen aggressor during the day. By the end of the day you could say from outward appearances “My day was fine, but boy did I feel like I was in a battle today.” So understand that this is your body just shifting and changing with this increased energetic level that’s on the planet at this time, and as your body makes the changes, which are slower than the energetic changes, you have lots of ways to support it. Slowing down your day so you have some break. Enjoying something relaxing in the evening: music, meditation, reading, cooking, whatever it is for you that gives you that space in the day, where you can just BE.

It doesn’t need to be at a spiritual endeavor such as meditation, unless you wish it so, but always thinking that you want to create this nice, soft, loving embrace of compassion to the physical body that’s adjusting to the energetic changes are happening on the planet these days.

As you allow yourself to energetically embrace yourself by giving yourself that space and time, you’ll notice that the reactivity, the sensitivity, will begin to diminish as you support yourself. We ask also that you are kind to yourself and not be overly critical. Be supportive of yourself. If you feel over-reactive and oversensitive, tell yourself you’re okay. Tell yourself you care about you. Tell yourself you’re here to support you. Allow yourself that breathing room and that breathing space. For the energies of pushing forward, pushing through it, and carrying on no matter what, actually create greater reaction to the new energies on the planet. The resistance is released as you step back and support yourself on all those levels.

As we said before, feel free. We welcome your calls out to us to assist you and as you do know that the light and knowledge and information from us to you flows even greater. Allow yourself to feel and experience that love and that connection. Allow yourself that opportunity to see a different way, and feel a different point of view that will create greater ease in your life. As you do so always know that you are not only assisting yourself, you’re assisting all those around you: those who you love is your family and friends, those who you work with, and those who you just pass by in the store or on the street.

You are all swimming in the same energetic soup, and as you do it for yourself, you do for others. It’s a beautiful gift you give to yourself and others. Always know that we are here in love and support of all you do to assist you in traversing this new time with the new energies on your planet.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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