High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 29th Mar 2013

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                       29th March 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                 YOUR VIBRATORY RATE – PART 1

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Our message today is about vibratory rate. There is much talk on your planet at this time about vibration and comparative comments, about things being low vibration and high vibration, and people being low vibration and high vibration, and that could be about places, it could it be about individuals, it could be about thought forms.

The good news is that there is a growing awareness about vibratory rates, and how it can influence one and impact one. The downside of it, from our point of view, is that it does get quite judgmental, as if one can feel “higher” or “lower” than another based on the perception of a vibratory rate.

First and foremost we would like to point out that what is best is to tend to your “own vibratory rate”. Don’t worry about other people’s vibratory rate, don’t worry about their thought form vibratory rate, such as “that is low vibrational thinking” as some might say.

       The key here is paying attention to your “own vibratory rate” and see how it feels.
                     Is it moving in a direction that uplifts and enhances and improves your life?
                     Is it moving in a direction that there doesn’t seem to be improvement with?

You can affect the vibratory rate of your body and the things around you consciously:

  • Through the way you think;
  • Through the words you use;
  • Through the music you listen to;
  • Through the pleasing nature of the things around you;
  • Through the way you paint your house and decorate;
  • And yes in fact the people you hang around with.

But rather than making judgments about other people’s vibratory rate, we ask you to observe your own vibratory rate and notice:

  • What are the things that you do;
  • What are the things that you say;
  • What are the ways you think;
  • What are the things that you have a round you;
  • What are the goals you have in your life that shift your vibratory rate to what would be set at a higher level,

And that higher level is really in fact the level of your Souls resonance.

When one feels high, positive, aligned, and in the flow, it’s because your vibratory rate is closer in alignment or in complete alignment with your Soul and when that happens you feel good, and when you feel good the evidence is that things around you are happening well. You have insights your business moves well, your relationships work well, and the synchronicities seem to happen.

If one wants to increase their vibratory rate, meaning they want to live more in synchronicity and alignment with your Soul, and you are not feeling it, you can do so through the things that individually uplift you like:

  • Are there movies that you watch that you feel good about yourself and the world;
  • Is there music, are there books that you read;
  • Is being out in nature uplifting to you;
  • Exercising;
  • Being with good friends?

These are the things that lift your vibration and as they do, yes your vibratory rate increases, not relative to those around you, but relative to the baseline that you as a Soul had with yourself.

As you shift and change your vibratory rate not concerned about other people’s vibratory rate, you bring yourself in closer resonance with your Soul, and as we said a moment ago, that Soul level alignment of your vibratory rate allows you to start living that “magical life”, where things flow. The right people come into your lives, whether it’s relationships, whether it’s business connections, you have the inspiration, the right book falls off the shelf, somebody in the store happens to be just the person you need to meet.Whatever it is, it’s starting to live in vibratory synchronicity with yours Soul, which allows it to flow.

What happens if you feel like you’re perhaps not in the best vibratory rate that you’d like to be? Sometimes saying the affirmations or telling yourself you should feel differently, well I should feel differently because I am abundant, I have money coming in, I have friends and family and yet I don’t feel good, meaning your vibratory rate is lower as evidenced by how you’re feeling.
Don’t try and shift it would be our suggestion by willing or should-ing it away.

Do it through other means like:

  • Listening to the music that you love and uplifts you whatever it is. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about it, but are you feeling better more alive aligned inspired;
  • Reading the words of great people who inspire you whoever they are;
  • Being around people who inspire you, that inspiration comes from that alignment of the vibration;
  • Observing yourself as you go out in nature because that helps you feel better;
  • Observing yourself as you do the YOGA class;
  • Going to the beach at sunset.

Whatever it is, observe yourself and how you feel about yourself in relation to the world, in relation to your goals, in relation to all aspects of your humanity as you choose to interact with those experiences around you that raise your vibratory rate. It’s not always about changing your thinking, sometimes it’s about shifting the environment around you in whatever way you can, so that it changes your vibratory great to be inline with your Soul.

And that’s where the magic happens.

The vibratory rate in-sync with the Soul is where you wake up and you feel good. You’re on top of the world things go well, the trauma dramas around you don’t bother you the same way, and as that vibratory rate shifts and you have those wonderful days, and you practice shifting your vibratory rate, not just through your mind but through your environment, and you see the evidence of that shifting and changing your life, then it becomes this self propelling machine, where you shift your environment, you feel better, “you notice”. You go “Wow that worked!” I’m going to do that again, and you shift your environment and you feel better and you notice “Wow that worked again!”

This time I’m going to try something different and you keep going and it keeps changing, and at you live in alignment with your Soul, you receive more of that Soul level guidance. You are vibrating at the same rates so the information can come through so you have ideas that are again more magical, that are inspired, that lead you in the right direction, that bring the right people to you, that allow you to feel fulfilled and uplifted and aligned.

Again we ask you, try not to worry about the vibratory rate of others or other situations, and just take care of your vibratory rate. Play with it and as we’ve said so many times, have fun, enjoy exploring the ways the experiences around you that can lift you, so that you can draw in more, and resonate in tune more with your Soul level experience.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion”

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