High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 2nd Apr 2013

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                       2nd April 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                 YOUR VIBRATORY RATE – PART 2

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today lets continue on our journey with the idea of vibratory rate, and last time we were talking about shifting and changing your own vibratory rate in a somewhat counter way to what’s out in the world right now. It’s not always about just changing your thinking; you can change your physical environment around you to allow that to uplift you, which allows you to then raise your vibratory rate, which improves your experience of life.

Now the flipside of this is the judgment that we see on the planet about lower vibrations as one would say. As we mentioned in the previous channeling, this could be referred to with regard to people, music, TV shows, environments, and on and on and on, it terms of the “Oh it’s low vibrational” or “Oh that’s a low vibrational person.”

We encourage you to be moving out of a place of judgment around that other person or situation or experience, and look at it from your Soul level point of view. Why would you say that that is a lower vibrational experience, what it really is is a vibrational experience that’s not in alignment with your Soul. The reason the music doesn’t sound good, the reason the movie doesn’t feel good, the book doesn’t feel good, the people or what they’re saying don’t feel good, is it is evidence that it is out of alignment with your Souls inherent vibration.

Does that mean better or worse, from our point of view we will wholeheartedly say no. From our point of view what it means is there is just a dissonant vibration, and it’s not better or worse, for those things that you say are worse could be quite in alignment with other people’s Souls.

Out of respect for the Soul level progress and the Soul level of truth of each individual incarnation on the planet, we encourage you to again look at your own vibratory rate, and instead of giving a summary dismissal and judgment about something being better or worse, and particularly in this case worse, which implies that you in fact are better. We would ask you to reframe that to be different.

It’s not in alignment with my Souls natural resonance so it doesn’t feel good to me. Now does that mean you then embrace it, No, you are receiving the input from the evidence of the dissonant vibration, not at better than or less than, it’s a dissonant vibration to your Souls inherent vibratory rate.

The evidence can tell you whether or not you would like to move towards or move away from something, which is perfect. We would encourage each one of you to be tuned into your own Vibratory rate, and what feels comfortable, and what doesn’t feel comfortable, what feels uplifting and joyful and happy and exciting and inspiring, and what might take you down a rabbit hole of not feeling either good about yourself, or good about the situation.

That is evidence that allows you to move toward some situations or experiences, and away from others. Which is perfect! That’s a great feedback mechanism.
But what we’d like to encourage you to do, is move away from this need to categorize and stratify the Souls on your planet. The stratification is unnecessary. To say that somebody is it better or worse than you, it’s just about vibratory rate.

You can use that again as evidence of the direction you need to go, to bring yourself into that vibratory alignment with your Souls nature, respecting others’ Souls to find those experiences that are resonant with their nature, and as you do so and you allow people to be in the space that is most comfortable for them, at that point in their Souls progress or evolution or transformation.

Then you release the constriction of judgment and you allow more to come to you, allowing you to be more in resonance with your own vibratory rate. For your energy is not worried about the others or the other situations, you are responding to your own vibratory rate. Does this make sense?

The release of the need to stratify and judge, allows you to have more of your own connection to your inherent vibratory rate that, in a sense gives you greater fuel for your own process of exploration and ascension.

Play with these concepts of vibratory rate for yourself. What are the things that you can do and bring into your life that are more of the same, or even new experiences that give you those uplifting feelings and thoughts, that bring you in closer alignment with your Souls inherent vibration? Play with the concept of removing the judgment, and the need to stratify and make oneself better by making judgment about Vibratory rates of other people or situations.

Just observe how that shifts your point of view; it’s very freeing not to need to worry about others’ vibratory rates. Instead of saying mind your own business you could say, “Mind your own vibratory rate!” {Laugh} And as you do you have a greater possibility every moment to experience more joy, more freedom. Not only for yourself but also for those who are doing nothing more than vibrating at their Souls perfect vibratory rate at that moment in time.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion”

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