High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 23rd Aug 2013

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                       23rd August 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                          IN TIMES GONE BY

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

There are a variety of opinions about beings from Orion, and many of you may know that. In times gone by there were warring factions and, what you would call, positive and negative, good and bad, factions from the star system Orion or attributed to the star system Orion, as there is everywhere.

We are going to discuss this today to hopefully put to rest some of the comments that are made, some of the concern that is out there on the planet. There are many who are bringing through the messages of the High Council of Orion, and while we are neutral from our position about your opinion, what we would like to share today is some truth.

We are going to use examples from your history to drive that point home today. As we said a moment ago, in times gone by there were less ideal energies coming forth from the star system Orion, and that information has been out there, it has been propagated, and it has also expanded and enlarged to become larger than it ever was.

Is there truth that in the past there were darker energies emanating from this star system? We would tell you Yes this is truth! Yet this is true everywhere within the universe where there is polarity, and, as an example on your planet, polarity abounds.

Using examples from your own history, if there is a particular group of people or a person representing a point of view that creates chaos, destruction and unrest, at some point in your past, as had happened as recently as your World War II, does that mean as time goes on that everyone from that part of the world is still considered bad or evil, or propagating the exact same thought system that was there at that time? Of course not!

If we were to propose such an idea, that everyone from that particular part of the world should be dismissed because something happened in the past that was negative, you would legitimately be able to criticize our point of view. For it’s limited and it’s stuck in the past, wouldn’t you say? It’s not allowing for change and transition. It’s also assuming that anyone from that particular geography resonated with the same message that was abundant at that time that had a worldwide impact at that time. Yet that was not even true at the time when that was prevalent.

Applying that to the High Council for Orion, we understand that there is information out there about polarity and the energies within the star system Orion, and what we ask you to do, as we always ask you to do, is touch into the place of your heart.

What is your heart telling you? If you listen to these messages and you feel uplifted, if you feel better, if the information helps, it helps to move you in the direction that you want, if it allows you to lighten your load, have a greater level of understanding, see shifts and changes in your life that are positive, allow greater understanding that gives you faith, peace and allows you to move into your future, perhaps with less fear and less trepidation, then we say enjoy what there is to be offered up by the high Council of Orion.

If, as you listen to these messages, you do not feel connected to your heart, your life does not feel better and you find it upsetting, we invite you to not listen. We invite anyone to resonate or not resonate for we are not here to sell the idea of our teachings.

We are offering up a point of view, we are offering up solution from the energetic place that we come from. We offer it up with love. We share our energies in the most positive, uplifting way for the good of humanity. As it helps humanity on your planet, it helps the entire energetic body of your planet as well, which then ripples out within the universe, for if there is constriction and change in any one part of the universe, it is felt universally.

So, as your planet is going through these great shifts in consciousness, shifts in energetic expression to a more expanded, more connected place those shifts will also be felt throughout the universe. We offer up our support. We offer up our love and our guidance. We feel those of you who are connecting with us through attunements, through your inquiries, through your questions in your mind about even whether or not we are there. We feel, understand and respond to those who reach out, and we bless those who choose not to, for all is well in the world of energy, and particularly on your planet, in the world of Free Choice.

We bless and send light and love to the entirety of your planet, from the tiniest submicroscopic particle, to the greatest monument, to all that is within and in support of each and every one of you on your soul’s journey, and the collective journey of the planet on which your soul is incarnated.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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