High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 22nd Oct 2013

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22nd October 2013

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                    THROUGH YOUR HEART

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today’s message will continue on from other messages we’ve given you about the heart and the importance of shifting your awareness from the mind to the heart. For your world is in transition and many of you have those moments in time where you experience what it means to live from your heart. As your awareness is in your heart, you feel the difference in the connection and the flow and the ease. Yet those moments can often feel fleeting. The good news about the fleeting nature of it is you can then begin to experience the contrast of what it feels like to live from your heart, and then those moments when you are living more from the brain, or the mind. You feel more effort, more struggle, more resistance, often, when things are not happening the way you wish because you are efforting from the place of the mind, from the place of logic, or from the place that “it’s always been able to work like this, so I need to continue to make it work like this”.

If you’re experiencing things in your life that have always happened a certain way and now they’re not, instead of pushing against it and thinking about what you did that was different, or the fact that you need to think about one more thing, what we’re going to invite you to do is to take that moment to center yourself and move into the space of your heart. Give yourself time to really feel connected there. Then feel into the solution energy that will exist for whatever it is that you feel you’re struggling with. Understanding that in your human world, there’s no problem that you have or no struggle that you have that doesn’t have a solution. There is always a solution. There is always a positive outcome. Yet sometimes there is an opinion that the outcome needs to show up in a particular way.

As you move into the space of your heart, where you’re connecting more fully with your Soul, then you move into the space of unlimited possibilities, of new points of view, of an expanded field of ideas and potential. If you can allow yourself to be there and allow yourself to open up to what information it is that perhaps you are missing or that you just haven’t connected with yet. Allow that to move into the space of your heart, trusting the baseline understanding that the solution is there.

Also we encourage you to be in observance about how do you have a preference about a particular outcome. Perhaps in your mind you would say “well, it needs to be this way so I need to have a solution for the outcome that I desire”. We would ask you to evaluate if that outcome you desire may be one that worked in the past, it may be one that is somebody else’s best idea, but there may be an outcome for you that’s different than that. So opening up the field of your possibilities, through the space of your heart, allows you to open up to all outcomes beyond, or even transcending, the one that you think is the only right path.

One way to put this into action is to set aside a day that isn’t a day of contemplation. It’s a day of really being in the world. Set the stage for the day by spending a few moments moving into the space of your heart and feeling that expansion and the connection and the unlimited possibilities from the space of your heart. Then move into and through your day constantly being in awareness of the space of your heart and asking for that space of your heart to inform your day, to guide you synchronistically to the right people, the right places, shifting your point of view or your attitude, and moving into this field of unlimited possibilities just by playing a game of staying in your heart and constantly asking your heart to inform your day.

Of course there will be moments when you find yourself in your head. That’s normal. That’s to be expected. So that you can release any frustration or self-judgment about that, the habit, the experience, (there been lifetimes of experiences) where the mind, the head, has worked and it’s been a survival tool. Now we’re asking you to learn something new about experiencing life through the heart. Feeling what that feels like. Observing what shifts and changes can happen with that. Also allowing yourself to be in that space of learning something new. Observe how differently things can happen. The first day you do this you might not even necessarily feel that much. But perhaps you’re going to feel a lot. Perhaps you’re going to just see things happening more easily. Perhaps you’re going to have a conversation with someone in your workplace that you might have expected to be a little adversarial, and suddenly you find yourself thinking “Wow, that went more easily than I expected”!

So the idea is have fun with it. Be in observation of it. Being in this place of allowing, as you’re learning something new, and allow your heart to begin informing one day. Then be in observation about that. Then try it the next day. Continue to work, to live into this field of infinite possibilities; the field where all solution energies are present; and feel the expansion with that. Observe new points of view coming in. Allow for “Ah Ha” moments. Allow also for wisdom and inspiration to come to you from sources and in ways that you wouldn’t expect. This is about the energy of the new paradigm. Choosing to connect with it now and not wait for it in some future point. You can begin to embody it now and, as you begin to connect with, use, and embody it now, you actually move yourself more closely to that place of living your life soulically connected, which allows you to live into that place of ease and Oneness.

As always, don’t forget to ask us for help and assistance, knowing that we are ever present and ever ready to help. All you need to do is ask.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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