Akashic Records: Breakfast of Champions

Beginning My Day

One of my favorite ways to begin each day is in my Akashic Records. With a hot mug of tea in hand, a copy of the Pathway Prayer and my current Akashic Journal I venture into this incredible space of unconditional love and acceptance. No matter how I feel about my day ahead I always feel happier, more grounded, and peaceful because I spent time in my records.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Do I always go into my records with a lot of questions? Sometimes. I like to ask questions because I receive great guidance about my day, priorities, decisions, courses of action, and so much more. I also ask about issues and awarenesses in my life to receive Soul-level guidance that I treasure and has never steered me wrong!

Sit and Feel

Sometimes I open my Akashic Records without asking any questions. What do I do there? I sit and feel. I open myself to the unconditional love and non-judgment of my Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones. I bask in the calmness within the space and enjoy how quiet my mind can become when it feels peaceful. All of this seems to align me with an unparalleled feeling of “rightness” with the world, my decisions, the people in my life and brings me to a place of balance that is not easily knocked over by the day.

My Best Days

My best days, the days in which I feel happiest, most content, and even Joyful, are the days I have begun in my Akashic Records. I feel this way because I spent time with my Soul. At the level of my Soul, all is right in my world, there are no mistakes, and I am doing it all excellently. We all need that kind of boost, don’t we?

Too Good To Be True?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! You too can connect with this level of Self Connection through your Akashic Records and you can connect with your perfection, wholeness and lovability! Would you like to learn to read your Akashic Records and regularly connect with your own level of peace, ease, and understanding? I regularly teach beginning and advanced Akashic Record classes.

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