Where is the Love You Seek?


What a charged up word, right? We are always doing something with and for LOVE..
• Searching               • Hoping
• Finding                   • Losing
• Wishing                  • Longing
• Celebrating            • Sharing
• Desiring                 • Missing

What Are We Longing For?

The whole time we are doing all of the above, and more, what we are really longing for is an experience of the permanence of love. Yet, the permanence of love is so elusive, right? It seems so hard to feel satisfied with love on the human level of experience, yet we all continually strive for more. Why is that?

Craving Love

It is because we are craving the love we know is our essence, our truth and our unspoken reality…, even if the craving is unconscious. We keep looking for it in our 3D experiences with people, hoping to find it “out there”, when all the time it is quietly waiting to be accessed within.

Where Can We Find the Love?

The Love that we are all seeking is found within. Yes, I know, that sounds sappy, like “woo woo stuff”, and just a diversion, but it is TRUE….and I HAVE FOUND IT WITHIN! You can too! Where, you ask? In your Akashic Records!

Unconditional Love is Found!

When you enter the space of your Akashic Records you are opening up to your Soul Level Truth, which IS unconditional love! Sure, you can go into your records to ask your questions, receive guidance, insight, healing, release and more, but underneath all of it, the core energy within your Akasha is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…and you can feel it in there. It is tangible. It is indescribable. You can experience it like a warm blanket straight from the dryer as it envelops and caresses you. The love is real. The love feels permanent and unwavering. It feels like a love you can count on no matter what.

In connecting with this experience of unconditional love in your Akashic Records you can then live into unconditional love for yourself everyday . As your love expands, you can then allow a new level of love into your life through your relationships. The deep craving for love that you felt was only attainable through someone else is now warmly beating as a truth inside of you. You shine love out and it can then attract the type of love you have been yearning, longing, striving, hoping, desiring, and waiting for.

It Has Always Been There for You

It has been there the whole time. Unconditional love has been waiting for you to find it within so you can shine it out to the world, attracting the same resonance to you in your perfect partner. As the saying goes “If that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find without.” (DoreenValiente)

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