High Council of Orion – SOLUTIONS FROM EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS – 15th Feb 2014

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15th February 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation
“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

We’re going to push some of you a little bit further today with this message for as more change abounds on the planet in which you are living at this time we want you to understand that fewer and fewer of the solutions that you’re seeking will be able to be found in the third dimensional realm. As the energies within your planet expand and, from a human perspective, you’d say the problems are getting bigger and bigger, what it is is those “problems” are transcending the solutions that are available in the realm in which they’re happening. What this means then, is that solutions will not be available through the normal means that one expects. Solutions to these bigger problems (we are not saying they’re problems… that’s how their experienced in the 3rd dimensional human realm at this time) solutions to these problems are going to be brought down or brought through from the energetic realms as people learn to live into the greater body of knowledge that exists in the realms beyond the five senses, beyond the 3rd dimension.

The scientists and the seers and the visionaries are going to be bringing solutions from an expanded place of consciousness that will be considered new and revolutionary ideas, but the energy for them will not be found on the planet. The solutions will have to transcend what’s currently in the body of knowledge and information, at this time, on the planet.

It’s not that all the resources for the support of the changes aren’t here on your planet, for we’ve said many times all the answers are here, but it’s as if the collective consciousness has put the puzzle together of the planet and the understanding and the energies of it in a certain way and the collective consciousness says “No, this is the way the puzzle fits together”. What we’re saying to you is as more and more people are reaching out and gathering knowledge and information beyond this 3rd dimensional realm they will be bringing forth new information that will suggest to you that the puzzle pieces for the next stage of your evolution need to be re-arranged to create a different picture and understanding of what’s going on on the planet.

If you use this metaphor of the puzzle, the pieces are all there. The resources are all there, but they need to be understood differently, they need to interlock differently and the information needs to be synthesized in new ways to create new outcomes. It would be easy to say, “Well, all the solutions were already here”. We would say yes they are, but the inspiration, the knowledge about how to use all that’s here in a different way, to create different outcomes, to solve the problems that are new, different, bigger, deeper, wider and more pervasive in terms of the human experience, requires new thought. As you look to the scientists (and we would even say the children, the young adults who will bring through a lot of this new information and a lot of this innovation) understand that these are humans who have learned to draw down, tap into, connect with (whatever you want to say) a new level of information, being brought down into this realm to then bring up the foundation to allow it to shift and change in new ways.

We encourage you that if you are looking to history to solve your problems we ask you “why?” People say “history repeats itself” and there is something that’s true, but remember you’re moving into a brand-new cycle. The old history will not inform the new cycle. Allow the old information to stay where it is. Be inspired to think beyond what has been known. Sometimes the puzzle needs to be completely taken apart to be put back together to create a new picture. The inspiration, the knowledge and the reality of the formation of that new picture, for the next stage of life on this planet, will, yes indeed, be brought through by humans on the planet; humans who are not looking at the history, but thinking beyond the box to the next level.

You’ve had evidence of these types of humans on your planet already such as Tesla, such as Einstein who were tapped into that field beyond what was understood at the time. There are new scientists who are tapping into those now. Look to them. Look to the people who are saying the things that might seem “out there” and understand that they are tapped into the new realities for the next stage of evolution on this planet.

As we’ve said many times before, and we will continue to say because it’s such a beautiful example, remember there was a time when the truth was that the world was flat. There were some who said “maybe not”. They showed courage. People thought they were crazy. Then the paradigm shifted because it was found that the planet was round! Those people who journeyed off courageously to gather that information and have those experiences to return back and say, “There weren’t dragons off the edge. We made it back!” created a huge expansion in the energetics of the planet to live into a new reality, yet the people at the time would’ve said they were crazy. They would’ve held them back out of fear and they said, “No, we’re doing it anyway”. You have scientists, people and brilliant minds on your planet right now who might not be acknowledged by traditional sources. We would say, “Who cares?” because we would say it’s those people who are pushing into the next level of reality. Listen to them. See what they have to say; even if it sounds outlandish maybe it’s true. Maybe they’re the ones that are helping the collective put the pieces of the puzzle together to bring in solutions, new thought to pave the way to an expanded experience of life on this planet in this dimension.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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