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4th November 2014

Channeled by Paul Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation, thank you Monica.
Spanish Translation, thank you Gustavo and Luisa.

“Greetings dear Paul I am Fiere of the Arcturians,

Today I wish to talk to you about working together.
For you as humans see yourselves as separate beings, and while that is the same for us as Arcturian’s, we have the ability to bring our consciousness together and share specific information as and when required. To explain that a little further, it’s like we are able to be individuals while still able to tune into the messages that we choose to share either with each other or as a larger consciousness.

As you expand your consciousness on humanity you will experience this as well. You commonly refer to it as unity consciousness. There are many aspects to this but in a simplified form, it is a sharing of knowledge and information at the conscious level of humanity. Now coming back to the individual personal level, we wish to start to encourage you to break down these barriers of separateness.

We encourage you that while your day-to-day thoughts are inherently unique to yourself as your Soul and the experiences of your Soul and how your Soul resonates with the experience, and how it relates to the experience, but there is greater creative ability in the collaboration, the coherent collaboration and co-creativeness of multiple souls.

There is also greater power in the sharing of the experience between those souls and the sharing of the differences of that experience. For that expands the picture that each one sees. For each of you, you have in most cases some close friends that you work well, with friends that you feel safe and trust. Specifically speaking about your spiritual friends which allow you to be more open, honest and true to how you feel about yourself.

We encourage that you take some time out to enjoy the company of such friends and start to play with different scenarios or situations where you are, at a starting point simply sharing how you “feel”, or you may look at a particular situation or example or experience and then share how you “feel” about that and start to realize the differences in how a single experience can be viewed from different perspectives.

What this does is it starts to open up your conscious evaluation of something so that it is not limited to just the perspective of the self, it starts to open up your consciousness to multiple variations in how such a thing can happen. For as you know the universe is made up of energy that flows in a myriad of different ways and forms, and we want to encourage you to start to open up your mind and consciousness to your future experiences of these myriad of different forms.

So what we encourage you to do in this instance is to spend some time with your friends, make this place a sacred space, a safe sacred space. You may wish to share and discuss something that’s in a physical form, you may wish to share something that’s a particular experience, where you all may go and experience something and then share your experience of it, and you may also wish to start to play with other levels of sharing in the form of, starting to tune into and connect to each other in telepathic ways. Start to experience how you can start to connect to each other.

There is far more detail and teachings associated with the subject, but we wish to create a starting point for this. There is much to be learned about how wonderful it is to be in union with many souls and co-create in unconditional loving ways, and allow the divine Creator’s power to flow to much greater extents, as part of a coherent focus of multiple Souls.

We love you all; we are the Arcturian’s.”

© 2014 Copyright Paul Marwood
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Author: Paul Marwood