The Greatest Mantra of ALL ॐ

Greatest MantraBefore we dive into what the greatest mantra is, let’s define what exactly a mantra is and why you would even care about the greatest one of all!

What is a Mantra?

A mantra is a word or phrase that supports you in a new perspective, point of view, or energy in your life. Most commonly, they are associated with the sacred words in the religious traditions of India, however, even a positive affirmation, saying or repetitive thought could be considered a mantra. And what is the outcome of using mantra? You are imbuing your energy and awareness with a goal you are wishing to achieve or manifest in your life.

Self-Talk is Your Mantra

Did you know that your self-talk is a form of a mantra? What do you commonly say to yourself? Is it positive and uplifting or is it negative and demeaning? Anything you say to yourself in your private moments or to others is another form of a mantra that is equally powerful to the sacred words. Is what you say to yourself what you expect of yourself and your life? Or do you want a different experience?

Mantras Change Your Vibration

So, the idea of using a mantra is to change your experience; change your vibration to a goal you desire. If you are using spiritual mantras with their sacred meanings you will begin vibrating with the deep meaning of those sacred words. If you are using affirmations, another form of mantra, to improve your outlook, your point of view or experience of your life you will begin vibrating the meaning of those words.

In essence, mantra is usually thought of as a positive manifestation of qualities you wish to embody, but when used as unconscious self-talk those “mantras” can be reinforcing exactly what you wish to change in your life. If you have ever felt stuck in a particular area of your life, become mindful of your self-talk, your “personal mantra”. Is it one that is taking you to the goals and life you desire? Or is it reinforcing the very thing you wish to shift in your life?

Now, onto the much-awaited teaser in the title of this blog, right?

What is the Greatest Mantra of All?


While those two words may seem simple and what your parents taught you to say over and over again when you were young, let’s look at this mantra: Thank You.
Thank You = Gratitude
Thank You expresses Gratitude and Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations of all of our human emotions.

Get Your Glass Half Full!

What I am referring to here is not only the “thank you” you might say when someone opens the door for you, or says “bless you” when you sneeze. I am referring to all the ways you can say “thank you” to your life. Expressing gratitude is one way for you to radically begin shifting your experience of life to a more positive, uplifting, “glass half FULL” experience of life.

Are you stressed? Anxious? Worried? Angry? Frustrated? Depressed? Down in the Dumps?

Gratitude is the way you can begin to shift your experience, lighten your load and find a new point of view. Being in gratitude can help you focus on the good that is already there in your life and shift your focus away from the source of your anxiety, stress, worry and more.

Here are my 5 Tips to Radically Embrace Gratitude:

1. Wake up each morning and find 3 – 5 things that you are legitimately grateful for and connect with them deeply before your feet touch the ground.
2. Look for ways to be grateful for the people in your life: husband, wife, kids, co-workers, people serving you at restaurants and stores, strangers.
3. Before bed at night, bring to mind 3 – 5 aspects of your day that you are grateful for. What worked? What surprised you (in a good way)? What can you be grateful for that you even take for granted because it always works?
4. Don’t forget yourself in the serving up of gratitude. What are you grateful about YOU today? Again, perhaps it is something that you already do well, you are successful at or you have mastered. Can you be grateful for that?
5. Smiling throughout the day, whether or not you have anything to be grinning about in the moment helps you see the good in others, in the world, and in YOU!

“Thank You” is the most powerful mantra of all. It connects you with gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful energy shifter in your life. Change your mantra, change your life!

I love it when change and transformation is this easy! Don’t you?
What are you grateful for today? Please share below so we can get a Gratitude LOVE Fest happening right here, right now!