High Council of Orion – Now Is The Time – 9th Nov 2016

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9th November 2016

Channeled & Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.

Now is the time…

  • to find your Truth
  • to seek within instead of without
  • to awaken your Light DNA to discover who you truly are
  • to discover strength that has yet to be discovered
  • to uncover Truths you did not know were there
  • to see with new eyes and hear with new ears
  • to see beyond the people, the institutions, and the perceptions
  • to trust the innate within you that knows beyond the knowing of this world
  • to seek understanding that transcends experience
  • to see what others have chosen to be blind to
  • to discover gifts beyond what you have known
  • to wake to the Truth of the Illusion
  • to wake to the Truth of the Façade

It is when pushed to the wall by an overpowering force that one finds strength and resolve that has been yet undiscovered.
Can you trust yourself to see and know that the future is not set? That the outcome is not certain? That the die is not yet cast?

Can you open yourself to possibilities that are unknown, unfathomed and undreamt of yet?

Can you hold steady to the dream you have been dreaming and still believe that it is at hand?

Can you see the ways in which you are required to grow and discover un-mined gems that have been hidden in plain sight within your being?

For when one is always looking without (outside of yourself) for the answers, the guidance, the structure, the “reality”, and the “truth”, one is not looking within for the Truth of God that is the constant force to be reckoned with within each Soul. When one has spent millennia looking without (outside of yourself) for its sense of reality there is a forgetting about any other source of Truth.

There has a been forgetting, a veil, that had been cast upon the consciousness….the collective consciousness….that is now being lifted, abruptly lifted. You are being shown what is behind the curtain. You are being woken from the dream you have felt was your reality. Wake to dream you felt was real. Wake to the illusion of separation that was the dream…the dream that lulled you into separation from the Truth of YOU……

Can you Trust the process of the unfolding Ascension to bring you….the collective YOU…the experiences, awakening to all of the delusion…not just the parts you find unfavorable? If it all needs to be up-ended to be recreated, then why resist the upending?

Go Within. Go Within not to escape, but to listen to the truth that pulsates through each of your cells, your mind, your emotions and your consciousness. Can you listen for the pulse of the Universe?

Invite your hearing to expand to experience the Universal Hearing of the Pulse of the Universe. Sit quietly, go within, close your eyes down, close your ears down, close the world around you down for a time and invite the Pulse of the Universe to be audible, tangible and experienced by you on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Invite the lullaby of the planet to stream through you. Invite the Cosmic Rhythm to dance within you.

This is not meditation, as you call it. This is calling in alignment with the Universal Mind. This is allowing the pulse, the heartbeat of your True Home to become the dominant energy and awareness in your daily life.

The eons of looking to what is outside of you for your truth, your compass, your feeling of “rightness”, your feeling of security is over. You all have played that game long enough and now it is time to try something else. It is the something you have been craving: tapping into the core essence of Truth that is found in the sound/essence of the Pulse of the Universe within you.

Sit still. Close down your intake of information from the outside world. Close down your external orientation. Close down what you feel is “real” and open to the only reality that has ever existed. You find it within. Not through “meditation” that is taught to you by others, more external guidance.

Go within and begin listening to the Pulse of the Universe within you. Be patient and kind with yourself. You need quiet and stillness to hear the subtlety of the Pulse. It is there. It will come as softly as an inkling of awareness and grow to a whisper. Keep listening. The whisper will grow to an inner knowingness…a confidence…a focus on the wisdom that will inherently spring forth within you from your internal wisdom…the Universal Wisdom that has always been inside…waiting for the right time.

Is it not the right time for you? Are you disillusioned and dismayed? Are you frightened and uncertain? Are you angry and upset over your apple cart being upset?

Instead of hoping, wishing and dreaming that the world will change to be what you wish it to be, tune in and tap into the ever-present flow from the Universe that has been waiting for you…for you to discover your Truth…your ever-present Truth.

Be Blessed.
We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2016 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
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