“I’ll Have What She’s Having!” in the Akashic Records

“I’ll have what she’s having”….
Remember this classic quote from the movie “When Harry Met Sally” from the ‘80’s. If you aren’t sure what I mean, just look it up on YouTube. It is hysterically funny!

But why am I talking about this when I want to share with you more about the Akashic Records? It is about the energy of comparison and how it will only lead to disappointment for you and your clients if you engage with this.

Let’s focus on your clients. Often new clients come to my practice (as they probably do to yours as well) via referral. They have a good friend, sister, mother or co-worker who already had a reading, they raved about it and may have even shared intimate details about their reading, then their friend, sister, etc. want the same experience! They want to go into past lives. They want to hear all about their ancestral connections and influences. They want the same delivery of information, going in all the “cool places” (like past lives) without fully understanding the nature of the Akasha.

Here are a couple of key reminders.

Their reading is going to meet them from two unique viewpoints:

  1. The questions that they ask
  2. Where they are on their spiritual journey

Since no two people are at the exact same point on their journey asking the exact same questions, the experiences within those readings will be very different. Remarkably different, in fact!

They “want what she had”.
And what they will most likely get is a lot of disappointment and miss some of the nuggets that are available to them in their own reading while they are feeling ripped off about not being in their past lives, or wherever.

So, what can you do about it?
As an Akashic Record Reader you can help re-frame this for your clients.

Here are some key ingredients to explaining this to your clients:

  1. The Akashic Records are not only about past lives and an Akashic Record Reading is not a past life regression.
  2. The information flows to them from their own Akashic Records and delivered to them via their Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.
  3. The Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones deliver to them the exact information they need at this point in time that will create the greatest shift in their awareness
  4. The flow of information is guided by their own questions
  5. If what they need to know is from a past life, it will go there. If what they need to know is not from a past life, it will not go there!

We don’t force the flow of information in the readings to go to past lives if that is not the place of greatest energetic shift.

It’s Not Your Fault
So, if you have a client, family member or friend who is disappointed, feeling they did not get what they thought they should get in the reading, please don’t take it as your failing.

Educate them about what the Akashic Records are and what they are not.

What They Truly Desire
Connect them to the awareness that deep down what they truly desire is the shift, change, healing and transformation that is available to them via this deeper honest connection with their Soul.

Trusting, trusting, trusting
Trusting their Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to deliver that to them, through you, is important. Trusting that the information that was of the highest order for them at this time is important.

Then the need to have it be from their past lives, their ancestors or anything else becomes irrelevant. They will get more from their reading when they are not in comparison.

Each of us is unique. And each Akashic Record Reading is unique.

Just because they are not noticing a shift in the moment of the reading, does not mean it did not happen! It happened all right! The shifts begin the moment you open their records. Remember: Energy First, Information Second! It may take some hours, days or even weeks for them to consciously register the shift that happened in their reading. That way you as the reader can trust the reading your facilitated.

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