Winter Solstice, New Year’s and the Akashic Records

In just a couple of days it is the Winter Solstice, which means that 2019 is, literally, just around the corner. These milestones in how we mark time are filled with powerful energetic manifesting potential when we choose to align with the energies and ride the wave into the next phase.

Here’s my prescription for major uplift and acceleration during these potent times.
I do this and it makes a difference!*
*make sure you read to the end where I share with you how to work with this in your Akashic Records!

With this Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere), the day is the shortest providing to us the time to go within whether it is meditation, a walk in nature, sitting quietly watching the fire crackle, journaling or whatever way you find your inner connection. The energies are potent during this Solstice portal so you can take advantage of this and take your energies in two directions:

  1. REVIEW & REFLECT: Take the time to survey the year you are just about to put to bed. Look at all that happened: not just the challenges, but also what went right throughout the year. Both are there. Allow your memory to illuminate both for you; Not only the good stuff and not only the challenges. ALL. OF. IT.

    When you review the moments or events that were challenging, what have you become through that experience? What has ignited in you that had not before the challenges? Have you developed new gifts, trusted your intuition, sought out support that brought you to the other side more gracefully, set boundaries that did not exist before, or did you find your voice to express more of your truth?The key with this is to acknowledge that there were challenges AND also acknowledge what has emerged, developed, or evolved through the challenges. For some of your issues, this may be quite easy. And some of your issues you may need to dig into more deeply to discover who you have become, or are becoming, through the experience.If you can’t find anything meaningful (yet) in some of the challenges, can you at least hold the space that you are doing the best you can throughout all of it? Can you extend the benefit of the doubt to yourself even if you have not found peace or resolution yet?

    Good Stuff:
    As you are reviewing the year and noticing the things that went well, better than expected, or even outstandingly well, hold onto the good. Really honor YOU for that. If you find yourself dismissing your successes (“that is how I always have done that” “well, that is not so hard, what is the big deal?”) honor yourself, how you have grown, how you have great, easy and successful areas in your life.  Pause in the moments of the good in your life.
    This is massively important! Don’t skip this step!

    If you are craving a better life in any aspect you must honor the good in you! Honor what is right! Honor all you have brought to the table of your life and the lives of others!
  2. VISIONING: While in these supportive, creative energies of Solstice use them to leverage your vision of the year to come.Using your inner compass to guide you choose to look at your life in each and every aspect: career/business, money, family, relationships, love relationships, body/health, self-care, personal development, etc.You choose your topics and focus. Slice and dice all the pieces of your life exactly as you wish.

    Then begin making choices on how you wish to manifest a new, expanded, abundant relationship with each and every aspect you choose. What will the details look like? How will you feel when they are there? What will shift in the other areas of your life when you manifest more in any given area?Sit with this. Envision. This is your tabula rasa. This is your clean slate to create the next leg of your journey. Your imagination is the energetic doorway to your next manifestation!As you do this, catch your mind’s need to bring in old energies or patterns that have repeated from the past. Your mind does this to keep you safe and remind you of all the “cautionary tales” from before. Satisfy your mind by thanking it and acknowledging that it has a point of view based on your past history. Then say to your mind that you are creating a new reality and even ask it if it wishes to move forward with you, trusting you are on the right track.Sounds simple, and is very effective in getting your mind to go along with you!

    Take your time with this. You may need more than one pass. Give yourself permission to be in process with this, refining as you go, adjusting with new awarenesses. This is not a black and white experience. It is a grey experience…all that middle ground…all that space in-between “right” & “wrong”, “good” & “bad”….somewhere in the middle with you at the center point!

TAKE IT UP EVEN HIGHER! So I have saved the yummiest part for the last (my point of view it is the yummiest part!)….


Seriously good stuff here! Use the uplift of your Soul’s energies, which you are 100% aligned to while in your Akashic Records, to enhance everything I mentioned above.

Here is the process:

  • Open Your Akashic Records
  • Settle into your space and connect with your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones.
  • Begin with Step #1 (“REVIEW & REFLECT”) above. Spend as long as you wish or as long as you have time for, then close your records OR move directly onto Step #2 (VISION).
  • It is not a requirement to ask any questions or receive any answers in these exercises.
  • When you are ready, move into Step #2, as I mentioned above, also doing this in your records.
  • The energies of your Akashic Records will support you in the visioning process, steer you in the right direction, and help you see the clear path.
  • When you are complete with Step #2, close your records.

Do this on the Solstice only or do it as much as you wish around the Solstice to use the magnification of the energies to uplift your energies.

You may be able to accomplish this in one sitting. You may need multiple sittings. Whatever you need, take it. Whatever feels right for you… do it what way.

I see it as riding the wave….a BIG WAVE…of supportive, Soul-Aligned energies.

Recall that when you are in your Akashic Records you are in an undeniable field of Unconditional Love. What does that mean? It means we are held, energetically, in Love, Understanding, Patience, Compassion, and Non-Judgment…and the energy is transforming in and of itself, just because you are in there.

This is what I will be doing as well in the Solstice Energies!

Please share how this goes for you. What feels like it is working for you? What feels harder for you? Is there anything you would like some advice on to make the most of this experience?

Comment in the section below! We are in this together!

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