Expansion as a Transformation Tool

Welcome to today’s Monday Messages from the Akashic, channeled by Holly for all of you.

“Look for, consider, open to what is expansive in every moment, thought, choice, decision and experience. What choice feels expansive? What energy feels expansive? What idea feels expansive?

Expanding awareness means you are growing, opening to new possibilities and stretching beyond.

With Expansion of your thoughts, beliefs, experiences and expectations you are opening to more. You move past feelings and experiences of limitations to then experience more of what is potentially available around you.

What experience would you like right now? What experience do you desire? What next step would you like to embody?

See it in front of you. Put yourself into that experience, in the now. See yourself expanding to include that experience as real, as now.

Then, without thinking, without feeling your doubts and conditions, tap into your core energy, then Expand through breathing, visualization, imagination, etc. Expand your energy and include that experience in your now. Your Expansion can bring you into allowance of your dream becoming a part of your energy field now – today.

Use the tool, the energy, of Expansion as often as you wish to manifest your dreams and desires.

Expand – Breathe – Expand – Open – Expand – Allow – Expand – Include”

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