Numerology of 2021 – Freedom!

The numerology of 2021 is a 5. (You get the number 5 by adding up the digits of the year. 2+0+2+1=5!) This means that, globally, we are all swimming in this energy.

Based on this, what can we expect for 2021?

The Universal Year of 5 can be summarized with the idea of “Change based in Freedom”.

This potential is seen in our world climate, isn’t it? Many are seeking a sense of freedom that comes through change. We see this on personal levels where people are seeking freedom via their spiritual path or, on larger levels, where groups of people are seeking freedom in so many different ways: expression, sovereignty, to be seen and acknowledged, and more.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all felt that change was necessary on so many levels and now’s the time to act to create the change we desire! It’s time to expand our horizons, think outside of the box, and not try to return to the old ways because they were comfy and familiar for us!

Being versatile, thinking outside of the box and truly activating self-discipline (discipline in the good sense, not in the sense of being punished!) to create change will be a great success strategy this year! All of this offers us the opportunity to live beyond limitations.

Expect these changes to rumble through all the people, institutions and experiences as well. No one and no thing are immune to these Universal Year energies.

Use these to your advantage, rather than feeling victimized by them. You are strongly supported this year in creating the change you’ve dreamt about, desired and have not yet manifest.

“Creating stability through the act of change is the global theme! Start this new year very mindfully and rise to your highest potential!”

Gita Hariani

Holly Hawkins Marwood is an International Akashic Records Instructor and Reader who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. She believes that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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