“Magnetic Self-Love” Online Webinar

Join us for the “Magnetic Self-Love” Webinar


Saturday February 23rd, 2019
5:00pm – 6:30pm (PST)


Online Webinar

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Join Holly & Paul Marwood, founders of the Universal Sphere®, for this COMPLIMENTARY UNIVERSAL SPHERE® Experience, bringing to you a greater level of EMBODIMENT OF SELF-LOVE, which is the precursor for ALL LOVE IN YOUR LIFE!
Based on the Universal Laws, we cannot receive that which is not ours. Love is an integral part of that!
Spend this time coming into alignment with the greatest attractor of ALL LOVE IN YOUR LIFE:
a strong field of SELF-LOVE!
Begin with you, then your radiance of Love, from your field of energy, will magnetically draw to you greater experiences of Love on all levels.
This is not just romantic love. This is ALL LOVE!
Radiate LOVE from the inside, out into the world, then draw to you the love you are seeking.
Love is out there. Love can find you when you have the matching vibration already in your field of experience.
You can up-level your Field of Self-Love, even if you:

  • have not healed all the wounds of your past relationships
  • have childhood wounds which keep you feeling stuck in the arena of love
  • have never had a satisfactory, fulfilling love relationship…yet

Join us for this comprehensive conversation + real-time experience as you entrain to Field of Infinite Possibilities, delivered to you via the Universal Sphere!
Overview of the Event:

  • Welcome & Conversation about SELF-LOVE as the pathway to all the love you are seeking, in every area of your life! This is more than romantic love. It’s about love on every level!
  • Live Channeled message, from Ishtara, about SELF-LOVE as the ultimate magnetizer for the LOVE you are craving!
  • Group Universal Sphere for all who have registered, no matter whether you are there live or listening to the replay.
  • Q & A + Sharing

This event is complimentary! No cost!
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Questions? Please reach out to Paul
+1 (760) 803-2338


Feb 23 2019


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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