The Alara Canfield Show – Akashic Records Interview

Come and join Holly and Myself on

Thursday August 22nd at 12pm Pacific Time

Where we talk about the Akashic Records on the Alara Canfield show.

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The Akashic Records are an empowering method for everyone to access the wisdom of their Soul. This is no longer exclusive, everyone can access their records. Come join us as we go a live experience of guiding you into your own Akashic Records.

When you register, you will receive access to the live video shows and replays as well as gifts from other phenomenal transformational teachers, mentors, leaders, and wayshowers.
Experience the powerful conversations, processes and clearings, and tools & questions that will help you to move forward and transform your energy, life and consciousness forever!

In this interview we will talk about:

  • Current Money Paradigms in Our World
  • Unseen issues that may be interfering with your ability to experience
    Money Freedom
  • How to discover a new relationship with money: one of your conscious
  • What the Akashic Records are and why they are the perfect dimension to
    shift your relationship to money

In this interview you will also experience:

  • How to open your own Akashic Records
  • A guided experience in your own Akashic Records, breaking into this Soul-
    Level Dimension
  • Tips on how to begin to shift your energy relative to the energy of money

See you then.

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Aug 22 2019


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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