Thrive in the brilliance of your heart and soul.


Accelerate Your Healing Journey

Join international instructors, Holly & Paul Marwood, as they share with you one of the key aspects that will rapidly increase the effectiveness of all your healing work, accelerate your progress and support you in releasing old patterns that are holding you back. What they’ll be sharing will bring you into alignment with your sweet spot of feeling empowered, aligned and on track for your personal success in every area of life.

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5 Tips to Build Your Akashic Muscles Fast!

Stuck trying to be great in the Akashic Records? Were you drawn to read your Akashic Records, excited about the potential of what you would do with them and now feel as if you are never going to “get it”? Has it passed through your

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Fall in Love…..with Yourself!

Love as a Constant Okay, so we all know about Love.  It is one of the constants in all of our lives one way or another.  We are always “verbing” about Love: wanting, longing, wishing, regretting, hating, missing, pining, dreaming…… You get the picture. Striving

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Are You the Pinball Wizard of Your Life?

The Wild Game of Pinball Remember the old-fashioned pinball games?  Lights flashing, sounds popping, buzzers buzzing, numbers racing by, and the little silver metal balls bouncing around, seemingly randomly, as you wildly push the buttons on the sides of the machine hoping to keep them

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